Re-Grow Your Kitchen Scraps


Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that you can actually re-grow from leftover scraps of the plant. It’s a great step towards sustainability and it saves some money on your veggies.

1. Romaine Lettuce – Place the bottom of the head of lettuce in a shallow container and wait for a few days to see the new head begin to grow. It may take about 2 weeks to get a substantial amount of lettuce.

2. Ginger – Soak a ginger chunk overnight in water, then place it underneath moist soil in a pot and water frequently until shoots appear. It will take about a year for the ginger to fully develop and be ready to harvest.

3. Celery – Place the bottom 2 inches of the stalk in a shallow container of water and wait 3-4 days for visible growth.

4. Green Onions – Place the white part of the onion, with roots intact, in a glass of water and never buy green onions again.

5. Garlic – You can regrow garlic from one clove by planting the clove with the root end down and placing the pot in sunlight.

6. Hot Peppers – Save some seeds from a previous hot pepper and plant them in potting soil and leave the pot in direct sunlight.

7. Pineapple – You don’t need tropical weather, but you will have to wait up to 3 years for the pineapple to grow to a size you can actually harvest. For this to happen you must cut or twist off the green leafy part. Ensure no fruit is left on the green top you will plant. Pull off base leaves to expose root buds. Stick toothpicks in the base so that only the portion of the base (not the green part) is submerged in water. Once roots begin to grow you can plant it in a pot.


8. Basil – Place cuttings of basil in a jar of water ensuring leaves do not touch water and that the stems are around 4 inches. Once roots are around 2 inches long you can transplant them in a pot!

9. Tomatoes – Save some of the seeds from another tomato and then rinse and dry the seeds out. Plant them in rich potting soil and keep them in sunlight.

10. Avocado – Take the pit of an avocado and stick toothpicks around the top of the seed. Suspend the pit over a container with the toothpicks and make sure the bottom of the pit is submerged in water. The bottom of an avocado is the wider part and the top part is pointed and should be the part left out of the water.

For more information (to find out other veggies and fruit you can re-grow), and a S/O to the photographers:

Quick Tips:

Check water frequently to ensure there is an adequate amount of water and that no pieces of the plant have fallen into the water (this will cause slime to build up). Don’t forget to change the water of plants in containers, or to water plants you have planted in soil, even if there is no evidence of growth. Sun is also important for most plant growth, so don’t leave your veggies in the dark!

Happy Growing!

– Celeste


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