Velo Burrito – veg-mex on two wheels!

Think vegetarian/vegan burritos delivered to your apartment on a bicycle is just something that you dreamt up during your last poli-sci conference? Think again! Velo Burrito, one of Montreal’s few vegetarian burrito delivery joints has moved again to the back of your favorite bowling alley/bar Notre-Dame-Des-Quilles in La Petite-Patrie (32 Beaubien Est, intersection of Beaubien/St. Laurent). But the actual location doesn’t matter, because they deliver! On bicycle! Although they’re located “sooooooooooo faaaaar” by McGill standards, they have a rather extensive delivery zone which encompasses most of the Plateau and the Milton-Parc area.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Not only do you get your yummy burrito faster (because honestly, a bike going down St Laurent/St Urbain is probably faster than a car during some hours of the day), but you’re helping the environment by eating vegetarian. Don’t worry – I’m not here to preach vegetarianism/veganism to you, it’s ok if you eat meat – I am very carnivorous myself. But it’s just the facts; here’s an interactive infographic courtesy of National Geographic that shows you the amount of water needed to produce various types of food. 1 pound of beef requires 6,810 liters of water compared to the 818 liters of water needed to produce a pound of soybeans! Let’s also not forget that bikes don’t produce emissions, so you deserve to give yourself a gold star if you ever recover from the post-“i-just-ate-a-whole-burrito-in-one-sitting” daze.

One of their gluten-free bowls Source: Facebook

One of their gluten-free bowls
Source: Facebook

Quick disclaimer, I haven’t had the chance to try Velo Burrito’s incredible looking menu due to a stomach virus that insists on ruining my life if I even think about putting anything that sounds Mexican near my stomach, but their yelp and facebook reviews seem promising. The menu includes a variety of yummies, including tacos, nachos, and salads.

As a transplant from south of the border, I am always desperate to find a cure for my tex-mex craving (sorry Quesada you’re not even close to cutting it), so give it a try and let me know what you think! They no longer deliver on Mondays but if you’re down for a little adventure head up to Beaubien and grab a bite to eat in NDQ.

Delivery: Tu-Sun 5:00-10:00 PM
Dine-in seven days a week
32 Beaubien Est
Facebook pageMenu


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