DIY – Super easy halloween decoration using old bottles!

Hey there enviro-lovers! Now that thanksgiving is officially over, we’re ready to move on to the next fall holiday – Halloween! If you hosted a thanksgiving dinner this weekend, chances are you have a few too many empty wine bottles than you’re ready to chuck out this week. Before you do, consider using them in a productive and cute way by turning them in to Halloween decorations. Today I took 3 bottles and make 3 super easy, unique pieces. If you want to see how I did this, read on!

Supplies needed

– Empty wine or liquor bottle(s)

– acrylic paint or specific glass paint and large brush

– Black permanent marker or sharp felt tip marker

1. Find some empty wine or liquor bottles (I used 2 wine bottles and an old whiskey bottle), preferably of different colours to make an interesting display. Clean off the labels by soaking them in hot water and scrubbing with some steel wool. Make sure your bottle is completely dry and then you’re ready to start painting!


2. I used acrylic paint because that’s all I had, and it turned out well. You can buy specific glass paint from art stores which may come out more opaque, depending on your desired look. You’re going to start by painting a background coat, which can be a single colour (like the orange one), or a mixture. I tried to keep it simple so it didn’t take away from the overall design. Use a nice big brush and evenly coat the bottle. Wait for this to dry and then apply a second coat. If you would like to use them with lights inside them, I’d suggest doing a third coat for a more dramatic effect.


3. Once the paint is dry, you’re ready to add your design! You’re going to use the marker not to draw but to scrape away the paint in the pattern you choose. This creates an awesome effect when light shines through. The paint should come off easily with a little bit of pressure. I chose to do a pumpkin design on the orange bottle, frankenstein on the green one, and some skeletons on the red one. If you mess up, you can just paint over, let it dry and try again!


4. You can leave them like this, insert small lights, or put tall candles in the top to finish the decoration. Here’s my final product with and without lights. The best part is, you can wipe off and change the design for any holiday!


I hope you have enjoyed this and feel inspired to use up those old bottles. Have a happy Halloween!



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